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Web design

Level up your website - it's worth it!

Published on
September 2, 2022
Level up your website - it's worth it!
Founder & Creative Director at Mercury Jane Media, Jennifer Ross
Andrea Christopher
UI/UX Designer, Mercury Jane Media
Founder & Creative Director at Mercury Jane Media, Jennifer Ross
Jennifer Ross
Founder & Full-Stack Designer, Mercury Jane Media
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It is a common saying that “you get what you pay for”. This is true when it comes to websites. A high-quality website that attracts high-quality customers or clients takes time to design and build correctly. There are many aspects that go into each design and development process, many of which can make your website faster, more secure, and more professional looking. This will bring more customers and help your business to thrive! 

Through our expertise, we are able to add key details and finishing touches to each site we make. Here are just a few of the ways you can be sure a site made with Mercury Jane will be of the highest quality.

A grainy photo with bad cropping on the left and a clear image cropped well on the right.

Optimizing photos

At Mercury Jane, we understand that images are an important part of any website. That's why we take the extra time to optimize photos and ensure they're the clearest they can be, while still promising fast loading times. In fact, selecting, sizing, and utilizing photos makes up about 30% of our entire website creation process!  

All of the photos on our websites go through a four-step process: selection, sizing, converting, and compressing. We believe that this attention to detail makes all the difference in creating a website that looks its best. Images are the first thing website visitors notice, it is important that they look good and help tell your brand’s story.

Screenshot of a Shopify product image (Breaking Bad Monopoly) showing the alternate text for the image.

Adding alt text

Alt text is short for "alternative text." It's used within a web page to describe an image. It's important because it allows visitors with visual impairments to understand what an image is, and it also helps optimize your website for search engines like Google. 

We take the time to add alt text to all of the images on our clients' websites. This ensures that everyone can appreciate the visual elements of the site, and it also helps boost the site's search performance. If you're looking to optimize your website for SEO and ADA compliance, alt text is crucial.

Top section of the a website showing a clear call to action (Free estimate) and important key words in the description of the company (full-service, residential, commercial).

Quality copywriting

Your website is a reflection of your brand. That's why we take the time to get to know you and your business before we start writing copy for your site. We'll work with you to understand your unique voice and message, and then we'll craft engaging, optimized copy that will help you connect with your audience. 

With backgrounds in language arts and journalism, you can rest assured that our team will provide high-quality copy that helps your current or potential customers envision their experience working with you.

Google search results for Greenpointe Painting Services showing clear titles and descriptions.

Getting your site verified to attract new customers

We will help you verify your website on Google so that potential customers can easily find you when they search for businesses within your industry. We'll also research words and phrases related to your product or service that are commonly searched, and set up search titles and descriptions for each page of your site accordingly. By taking these steps, we can help you build credibility with potential customers and grow your business.

Screenshot of a website without https/SSL encryption that displays the warning "Your connection is not private."

Securing your site

SSL certificates are incredibly important for websites. They ensure that any information passing between the web server and browser remains private. This is essential for all websites, especially those that handle sensitive information, like online stores or donation pages. SSL certificates also create a foundation of trust. We can help you obtain an SSL certificate for your new site. This is important not only for the safety of your visitors, but also for the search engine optimization of your site. Having a secure site with the lock icon at the top can help you rank higher in search engine results. 

Let’s get started

Here at Mercury Jane, we believe in helping you every step of the way to get the attention you deserve and the success you’ve earned with effective marketing. We are diligent about going the extra mile throughout every design and development process to create sites both ourselves and our clients can be proud of. Book a discovery call to get started creating a website that will work and will last!

How we make it easy

Getting a website that works shouldn't require dozens of meetings or months of back and forth. We'll ask the right questions from the get-go, so we understand exactly what you need and can deliver quickly.

1. Listen & Learn

Once we're ready to get started, we schedule a kickoff call to discuss your website and/or branding needs and learn as much as possible about your company. Together, we complete an initial outline of your website and brand strategy.

2. Design & Build

Using the outlines and notes from our kickoff call, we mock up initial designs and send them to you for feedback. After making any necessary revisions, we build your new site and start adding custom integrations to automate your workflow.

3. Launch

As we make final changes, we ensure your website & logos look great on all modern browsers and devices. We then provide you with personalized videos showing how to handle simple updates step-by-step. When all systems are go, we launch your site and wait for the rave reviews to start rolling in!

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